Premiere - Emily Blue: #BubbleGumAcidPop

Following up Another Angry Woman, today Emily turns to These Days to premiere a double single called #BubbleGumAcidPop. With a sound just like the title describes, the double single takes on a similar persona as Emily’s work with BOYCUT, but is also distinctly its own. The two singles are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, balancing each other out perfectly. “Blackberries” serves up something vibrant and jovial, whereas “Rico Acid” delivers a drum heavy, more sinister tone. Both are worlds apart from Emily’s emotional debut, embracing the psychedelic backdrop to her soothing pop vocals.

These Days News

Featured Artist: Emily Blue, #BubbleGumAcidPop preview

"An a capella vocal beat rings out as the song as “Rico Acid” begins and I’m pleasantly confused. Its name is well-suited; it diverts from the typical path that a pop song would take with an uneasy “acidic” element. Ambient chords blanket the song as the synth tones and sound effects pull the listener in and out of a musical trance. And then, just as I was getting invested, the song abruptly ends and a sense of pride for how clever this artist is overwhelms me. With a grin, I decide that I am now a fan of Emily Blue."

Artist Collect [Blog]

Emily Blue: Singing to Combat Rape Culture And Gendered Violence

"Due to personal experience and prevalence of rape culture, Emily Blue’s first single “No Pain” off her LPAnother Angry Woman explores the themes of rape culture, gendered violence, and womanhood through a somber, sobering melody highlighting the voices of the often silenced victims of sexual assault and abuse. Blue, a sexual assault survivor, is releasing the “No Pain” video and the Another Angry Woman album to help theRape Advocacy, Counseling, and Education Services (R.A.C.E.S.), one of many social services organizations suffering due to the budget crises in Illinois. Since the 1970’s, R.A.C.E.S has offered a 24-hour hotline and counseling services for victims of rape, and money received from Another Angry Woman will be donated to R.A.C.E.S. through a Kickstarter so that sexual assault and abuse victims continue to be empowered to break the silence as they do in Blue’s “No Pain” video. "

The Huffington Post

The Scene with Emily Blue: 'Another Angry Woman'

"22 year old singer/songwriter Emily Blue believes music has the power to heal and to educate. Herself a survivor of sexual assault - she devoted her new album, Another Angry Woman, to feminist issues and causes. The work includes interviews she did with friends about street harassment and other forms of sexism they face as females on a regular basis."

- NPR Illinois

Emily Blue is intense, authentic

"But Blue has never been afraid of a challenge. In fact, she is much more likely to pursue challenging projects that both push her as a musician and as a storyteller. The inspiration for the EP derived from her own experiences as a survivor of sexual abuse. In creating the EP, she has been able to address deep-seated issues she previously hadn't acknowledged."

- Chicago Tribune

Premiere: Finding Strength in Emily Blue's "No Pain"

"'No Pain' is as empowering as it is enraging and cathartic: Blue’s voice shakes the listener awake as she opens magnificently with the chorus line, 'When I bleed, you don’t feel no pain.'  'The song was very difficult for me to write and record,' she says. 'Emotionally, I was in a state of anger and hurt. As I sang into the microphone in front of me, I was both determined and very afraid to break my own silence.'"

- Atwood Magazine


Another Angry Woman: An Interview with Emily Blue

"Music? Wow, well, to me, music is like food. It is necessary for me to stay alive."

- Emily Blue, Smile Politely


A Conversation with Emily Blue of Tara Terra

"It is my personal belief that pop music can change the world."

- Emily Blue, Hooligan Magazine


Emily Blue Finds Strength in Going Solo on New Album

"On a personal note, I’d say this album made me get to know myself. As a writer, as a human being, as an activist. I learned to stop doubting myself constantly, because the things I was writing about were important both to me and to others. I learned that music can be part of a bigger journey in my life, in healing. During the filming of “No Pain” I met so many survivors who reminded me that I was not alone."

- Emily Blue, Buzz Magazine

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